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Parent Zone

Parent Zone are the experts in digital family life. They provide support and information to parents, children and schools, working globally to help families to navigate the internet safely and confidently. 

Explore resources for:

Struggling during a lockdown? Check out the Remote Schooling SOS page.



Kidscape is a London-based charity established in 1985. Its focus is on children's safety, with an emphasis on the prevention of harm by equipping children with techniques and mindsets that help them stay safe. 

Check out their collection of resources on anti-bullying. 


Speakers' & participants'  recommendations

  1. From Laura Edwards: Cybersmile

  2. From Dr Elizabeth Milovidov: SafeSpace Qatar and Digital Parenting Guide (in English)Commons Sense Media; Enable Resource Pack

  3. From Alesya Lanovaya: UN's Listen First initiative

  4. From Dr Ed Tse: Be Internet Awesome by Google  

  5. From Kate Questime: Think U Know

  6. From Adele Jennings: Internet Matters

  7. From Dr Elvira Bolat: ChildNetUK Safer Internet CentreNSPCC; KidsHealthGet Safe Online; ParentInfo.

Family on Digital Tablet

Digital Parenting Coach

Dr Elizabeth Milovidov is an international speaker on Internet safety issues, leads parental workshops, writes on digital parenting, and coaches parents on best practices in the digital age. She is a consultant for the Council of Europe, UNICEF and e-Enfance, as well as a contributor to Internet Matters, UK Safer Internet Centre, Family Online Safety institute, and many other key actors in online child protection.  

Ensure to check the following resources and networking channels that will enable you to learn more about Dr Milovidov's work, her toolkit on digital parenting and other support resources:

Children coloring

Wise Owl Trust 

Wise Owl Trust is a growing, multi-academy trust formed in 2012. Wise Owl Trust is committed to the children, their happiness and transforming lives to present children and young people with the best possible life chances.

Learn more about:


Digital channels & games you should be aware of... 

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