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Opening Remarks


Keynote Address I: Influencer Phenomenon and Impact of Children and Families 


Dr. Elvira Bolat and Dr. Constantina Panourgia, Bournemouth University

Scott Guthrie, influencer consultant and global expert in the influencer sectors, The Influencer Marketing Lab Education

Keynote Address II: Digital Resilience and How to Master Genie of Social Media    


Vicki Shotbolt, CEO of the UK’s experts in digital family life, Parent Zone

Keynote Address III: Children and Family Social Media Influencing. How Does It Work and What Can We Learn from It?  


Laura Edwards, CEO and co-founder of the UK’s leading influencer agency managing children-influencers and family-influencers, member of the Business of Influencers Board, Viral Talent and I Like Media

Keynote Address IV: Digital Parenting and Guiding Children to be Responsible and Safe Online 


Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, a lawyer, law professor, eSafety consultant, founder, 

Special Guest 


Panel Discussion: Social Media Influencing and Social Media Influencer Content Consumption, Issues and Opportunities 


Sapphire, 16 years old singer, songwriter, performer, YouTuber and social media influencer

This session will provide speakers and attendees with the opportunity to discuss the main concerns they have and challenges they face regarding social media influencing aspect of digital consumption and aspects of online safety for children parents and educators should be aware of. Allowing them to share their experiences and best practice to develop safer environments for children and families  

 Closing Remarks


Dr. Elvira Bolat and Dr. Constantina Panourgia, Bournemouth University 

*programme subject to change without notice 

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